Pre-K – 6th grade with a Remedial classroom as well as Special Needs classroom.

Current Student Body: 200 students

School Principal: Pedro Patlan

In 2009, Eagle’s Nest was presented with an opportunity to take over a local Christian school where our kids from the children’s home were attending. This opportunity was not in the original plans for Eagle’s Nest, but the board of directors prayed and decided it would be a good -opportunity for continuing to educate the children. When Eagle’s Nest took over the school, there were 60 students in the first year. Those numbers quickly grew in only one year to include 124 students.

Only 16 students are from Eagle’s Nest, the remaining student body comes from the community.

Children attending New Day School are receiving top notch, Christian education, Computer Basics, Robotics, and they are learning two new languages other than Spanish that includes English and the indigenous dialect for the area called Kak chi quel. It costs $550 each year for a student to attend New Day School. This includes their educational supplies, books, uniform and tuition. With the rising number of students attending, we are in need of financial partners to join with us to give hope and an education to these Guatemalan children. Sponsorships are available at different financial levels, so please contact us if you are able to help in this important area. All donors will receive status reports and a picture of the child they sponsor.