The ministry at the Nest is growing and changing rapidly.  Every year we have between 40-45 different mission groups of visitors come through the Nest and another 40 or so that are local Guatemalan groups renting the facilities at the Nest for their activities.

Some of our stats for the ministry are as follows:

Children’s home: 41 children ages 3 months - 19 years old.

New Day School:  205 students from Pre-K to 6th Grade.

Manna Feeding Center:  70 children on the approved list.

New Spring Baptist Church: 80 faithful members

Short term mission groups are a huge part of the ministry at the Nest.  With over 40 kids that we are raising, we know that it takes more than a village to help raise them.  Our kids remember those that return year after year and form a strong bond and relationship with them.  It means so much to them to know that they are sacrificing their vacation time and money to come spend the week with them.

Now that Pedro and Felis are back on the grounds together after 2 years of a transition between the US and Guatemala, they are starting to see where improvements and cuts need to be made.  They have been working hard at prioritizing ministry opportunities, growth opportunities and vision plans.  It’s scary to imagine where things could go and it’s exciting at the same time. 

The board of directors for Eagle’s Nest and Nido del Aguila have all seen the need to have more help on the grounds at the Nest.  Pedro and Felis are being stretched pretty thin and Larry and Claire are providing their help near and far but we have said we were looking for another couple or two to come serve alongside us as the ministry was growing. 

We have been praying for several years for more help and in May we were given the greatest news that friends of Pedro and Felis have surrendered their lives into full time missions to serve at the Nest and help Pedro, Felis, Larry and Claire where needed. 

Terry and Tiffany McConnell are from Burleson, Texas.  They have two sons that are now living on their own and have been coming to the Nest on mission teams for the last 5 years.  Their hearts are completely invested here and have such a love and a connection with the kids here at the Nest already.  We are excited to see what the Lord will do through them when they arrive on September 16th.

You might be thinking….what will they be doing at the Nest? 

A few areas that they will be able to jump right in and help in will be with our short term mission teams, as this will not require a ton of Spanish skills.  We will also be asking for help with our sponsorship program and making sure that our sponsors are getting the updates they need on the children they sponsor, as well as being a support to our girls in the home.  As they get acclimated and settled, we might have some more responsibilities for them but for now this will keep them busy but also allow for them to learn the culture and the language as well. 

Having them here will also free up Pedro and Felis to be able to focus on other areas with personnel and the community.  We are excited to see what is in store.

You can follow their journey on Facebook.

If you are on Instagram you can follow them there as well.

If you would like to support them contact them directly and ask them how you can do that at

Please keep them in your prayers as they make that transition into living in a different country, learning a new language and being apart from their friends and family.