We do have opportunities to come for a longer period of time than a normal short-term mission trip.  If you are interested in coming to help for longer than 2 weeks at a time, we ask that you fill out an application and submit it to us for our board of directors to review.    
Some ideas of what an intern/volunteer might do.
• Teacher’s Aide
• English Teacher
• Special Needs Teacher
• Tutoring
• Painting
• Construction
• Work with mission teams

What does it cost?  (Starting January 2017)

$350 per month for room and board per person.

Each intern will be responsible for their own meals as there is a full kitchen in their apartment.

$6.50 per meal if you choose to eat with short term teams. 

Eating out and other shopping is at your discretion.  
If you have a special skill that you want to use, please let us know that in your application.


A couple of requirements you should know before applying:

*You MUST love children!

*You need to be at least 21 years old.

*You MUST come with another intern. Individual applicants will no longer be accepted.

*You need to be able to follow the guidelines for dress code (cultural reasons) and no alcohol policy.

*Be prepared to share your room with another intern of the same gender during your stay.